What I want for Christmas.

What I want for Christmas.

Just today I was saying to my fiancé “I hope I get some new pyjamas for Christmas” and he looked at me like I was the oddest person he’s ever met.  Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression does make you grateful for the little things though.  I wake up in the morning and I feel like I haven’t slept even though I’ve had a good 8 hours, my joints are stiff and I’m aching from lying in one position.  So instead of getting up and getting dressed, straightening my hair and putting some make up on, I resign myself to another day in my pyjamas trying to do what little jobs I can around the house.  I feel so uncomfortable in my own body with all the pain and exhaustion that I hold on to whatever comfort I  can find.

When my Fiancé proposed to me, he gave me a ring……and a blanket.  The majority of my time is spent in my pyjamas under a blanket, and in the winter when it gets cold, the temperature seems to seep into my bones and make my joints feel even worse.  My depression gets stronger with the dark nights and mornings and the rainy cold days.  So when people ask me what I want for Christmas I say fluffy socks or new pyjamas, this year I even asked for a slow cooker.  Cooking dinner is something I can’t really do because my fatigue makes me so forgetful, I burn things and forget the hob is on, a slow cooker would mean I could put dinner on in the morning and serve it later with minimal effort.  Something else I ask for at Christmas is bubble bath, bath salts or bath bombs.  I have heard so many people say that all they get for Christmas is bath gels and body washes but I love it because a bath for me is a truly relaxing moment where the hot water can ease my aches and make me feel refreshed which is something I don’t feel a lot of the time.

So if you know someone with a chronic illness this Christmas, think about the little things that could make just a bit of their life easier or offer them a little bit of comfort during their struggle.


3 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas.

  1. I’m totally with you on being happy with bath treats & pjs – living with depression makes it so hard to relax at times so, yes! If you haven’t tried before, Lush do amazing bath bombs. Definitely recommend. 🙂 x


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